We provide some of the worlds best beef products which includes the Greenhams and Cape Grim brands from Tasmania. The cattle are raised on lush Tasmanian grass which provides pure and clean air blowing from the ocean. All products are certified GMO, Hormone and antibiotic free. We stock both the Greenhams and Cape Grim products.

All products are fresh and never frozen. Some of our stocked favorite Beef products include ;-

  • Whole rumps
  • Sliced Rumps
  • Sirloin/Porterhouse
  • Scotch/Rib Fillet
  • Rib on the bone
  • Eye Fillet butts
  • Eye fillet full / Tenderloin
  • Premium Angus mince
  • Gluten free sausages
  • Chunky family beef pies
  • Blade roasts
  • BBQ steaks
  • Beef cheeks
  • T bone
  • Diced beef
  • Tri tips/rump ends
  • Pichanas / rump cap
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