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Fresh Seafood Gold Coast starts at Seafood Direct ! the home of quality meat and seafood products. Seafood Direct and Butcher Boy Meats is a family owned and operated business based on the Gold Coast. All of our quality meat and seafood products are sourced and even cut by family to maintain the best quality and price.

We only source the best seafood and meats from the best sources available, and have over 30 years experience in doing so. Sourcing from only the best trawlers and farms, we supply premium products at the best price. With our vast experience from owning and operating one of the most successful fresh seafood chains in London England throughout the 1980’s-1990’s,

We also operate fish markets and meat markets proving wholesale priced meat and seafood at various market locations throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. For more information on the fish markets and meat markets please click here

To view any of our products, please select the links above, or if you have any questions please contact us.



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Farmers markets this weekend

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- West end

- Manley

- Rocklea

- Chandler



- Eagle Farm

- Nerang

- Chandler

Every day amazing prices

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A grade side of smoked TASSAL Tasmanian salmon pin boned, thinly sliced and skinned. You cannot get any better than TASSAL salmon and this product usually retails for approximately $45 a kilo and we sell it for just $24.99 a kilo every week.


4 – 6 portions of salmon weighing up to 1kg, they are either skin on or skinless and also trimmed and pin boned. We have portions which are also individually vacuum sealed and frozen for easy home use. We sell any bag for just $20, forget the ticket prices all we want is just $20 any bag.


TASSAL smoked salmon pieces. These pieces are sliced a little thicker and a little odd shaped but for $15 a kilo for smoked TASSAL Tasmanian salmon you cannot go wrong. These are also similar to the cooking smoked salmon that the supermarkets sell for $39 a kilo.

4 – 6 portions of either of our white fish fillet packs for just $20. All the portions are individually packaged, skinned, trimmed and pin boned for easy home use. The white fish choices are:   

  • Orange roughy
  • Snapper
  • Coral trout
  • Barramundi
  • Sword fish


1kilo of large peeled raw prawns all peeled, deveined and individually frozen, or 1kilo of massive roe on scallops for just $20 any bag. Fishmongers sell these products loose in the cabinets for approximately $39 a kilo, this is half price.


A whole side/fillet of Petuna Tasmanian ocean trout, all skin on, trimmed and pin boned. These sides/fillets feed 4 hungry or 6 people nicely, they are perfect for backing whole on either the bbq or oven or even cutting into portions for bbq, pan fry or grilling.


Our famous $10 packs

  • 1kg of a grade bassa fillets
  • 1kg marinara mix
  • 1 baby octopus
  • 1/2kg smoked ocean trout
  • Black angus steak pack
  • Darling downs pork fillet pack
  • Darling downs pork rind less pork chops
  • 1kg of premium mince
  • Chicken breast fillet pack
  • Aussie bbq burgers/rissoles

You get any pack for the low price of just $10.


Our famous freshly baked family chunky meat pies. Nice thick crunchy pastry with big pieces of slow cooked meat in a thick and tasty gravy.

Chunky steak verity only $14each, lamb and chicken only $15 each.

  • Chunky steak
  • Chunky steak and pepper
  • Chunky steak, bacon and cheese
  • Chicken mornay
  • Lamb and rosemary

Most of our pies have won bronze, silver and gold in the “the great aussie pie competition” that occurs every year in Sydney.


We stock the five star sovereign lamb which won gold at the Queensland food and wine festival 2010. The lamb is all free range, hormone free and feeds on the lush grass in the goldfield region in Victoria. Cuts we stock include:

  • Racks
  • Cutlets
  • Rumps
  • Loin Chops
  • Shanks
  • Boneless legs
  • Bone in legs

One of the biggest sellers are the full legs of lamb, you get a whole leg for $25 that will feed 6 – 8 people of we also have massive legs for $30 which will feed up to 10 people.


We do a great selection of freshly cut grass fed steaks which include

  • 4 Tasmanian black angus rump steaks, cut into 200-250gram steaks for only $15 any pkt.
  • 4 MSA Tasmanian grass fed sirloin steaks, cut into 200-250gram steaks for only $20 and pkt
  • 4 Victorian grass fed scotch fillet steaks, cut into 200-250gram steaks for only $20 any pkt.
  • 4-5 Victorian grass fed eye fillet steaks cut into 150-200gram steaks for only $25 any pkt.


Our new selection of gourmet sausages include:

  • Beef pumkin & fetta
  • Beef & bacon
  • Country chicken
  • Lamb & rosemary
  • Premium pork
  • Premium beef